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Due to the lack of staff and other factors, Twilight Dreams Scans is closing. It has been a fun ride.


 Typesetter Test

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Typesetter Test Empty
PostSubject: Typesetter Test   Typesetter Test EmptyTue Nov 25, 2008 3:31 pm

Test 1(Level Easy)
Typeset this page to match/surpass my scan below it, Look at the raw to know where everything goes


b1) What the hell are you doing with him?
b2) "What"? You should know all too well.
b3) I'm taking him for training, I need to break him in again.
b4) I'm also good at training cats.
b5) Hey, let him go!!
b6) I need to reset him, reset...
box) And as I blacked out, I thought to myself: // "I'm saved", and at the same time "Dammit, I missed an opportunity". -small print- what is she trying to 'reset' on me?
b7) Bravoo!!!
b8 ) hmph, men are so easy... -small-fufufu-small-

The typical font use will be in this format, although certain series will have their own set

wild words - regular speech
wild words italic with 707070 color or regular gray color - thoughts
yikes! - girl~ish shouts
Damn noizy kids - male shouts
boxes and other "boxed" letters I use - Digital strip
for info like when you call someone tsubasa and then explain what it means in japanese then use - anime ace - also use it for ed. & tr. note
adam warren 0.2 or mouth breather - threatening/monster/scary speech
KR Heartalicious, KR Heartfelt - (for hearts
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Typesetter Test
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